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Monday, March 20, 2006


Woke up feeling really lazy....

Hmm..... its kinda weird. When i'm lazing around e house with no job & income i'd go moaning like an insensible kid but once i land a job, i just get sick of gg to wrk. What e HELL is wrong with me?!! ~do u guys behave tt way too or is it simply just "denisesia"?

Thk gdness i hav e TV with me otherwise i'd really hav no idea how to while this time away. I proclaim myself to be a 24/7 potato couch!! For e past few mth/wks, i've been gluing myself to e tv. So glad mommy subscribed for cable:)

*yesterday* Once again~ parents squabbledd... like wth?! Can't they just settle it amicably & intellligently... for God's sake, its driving me nuts. A little awkward though cus we had an extra audience with us @ e scene. (my uncle=mom's brother)

In e past, they seldom spoke a word to each other. All they wld utter to each other was either a "eat already not"/"why so late"/"ewwyer.... so dirty! nv brush yr teeth before gg to bed".... gee, i think tt's abt all +/- e dialogues here & there. Now, e min they open their mouths, it inevitably turns into a bicker~Confirm one! My ma wld, most of e time actually strt it or "delibrately provoke" it i wld say. ~hah... don know why~ &..... e most fustrating thing is e more u "shhh" her, e more she'll say. damnit! of course, dad's in e wrong. An extra-marital affair to begin with in e 1st place. I wld say fuck those guys with infidelity traits. Can't a man just commit to 1 woman?

I guess she really did marry down. Ma always says she's just a door mat to my pa. Haiz.... e initial period frm wife-discovers-affair to husband-&-wife-settle-prob to trailing cum paranoid behavior til now, its been a rough ride through. She pays for most of e stuff ard e house. She says e men shld be e one payin, afterall they take home e bacon. women shld only be supplements. True what! otherwise e husband wld be deemed living off his wife unless he doesn't mind which i doubt so.

i think everyone can tell i bo chup liao. Whenever they quarrel i'll just turn a blind eye & ear. Take yesterday for eg. Pa left home in a huff & i didn't even bother calling him to ask of his whereabouts or persuade him to come back. i wasn't e least bit worried when he didn't spend e night slping in e comfort of his own bed. i wonder if i've become unfeeling or jus immune to all this "family saga". i know everyone in e family doesn't say it but i can tell they mus be thinking, how can this girl be emotionless, no concern or anxiety. My sis cried e night while i slept like a dead log. i didn't even notice e sniffs til my maid told me. Poor girl, went to sch looking like she spent e nite watching korean tear-jerkers. Can't blame her for feeling all terrible & not wanting to go to sch nor tuition.

~God bless this family